Taking care of our teeth is a daily routine that many of us commit to. However, sometimes no matter how much we take care of our teeth they can become damaged. Some of us are unfortunately not born with perfect smiles either. One of the many ways that dentists help fix our smiles is with bridges.

What can Bridges do?

Bridges can do many things for your smile and for your mouth. The most common thing bridges are used for is to replace missing teeth. They typically involve 1 to 3 parts; all together these are considered the bridge. A bridge, much like you may have guessed, spans the gap between teeth and covers the area of the missing tooth.

Who needs Bridges?

If your teeth become damaged and need restoration or other dental work sometimes a bridge is a good option. If you have completely lost a tooth in between other teeth, bridges are also a great solution to fixing your smile.

Are there different Bridges?

There are a few types of bridges that can be used. Some involve 2 crowns and a piece in between them to help fill the gap. Others are made of plastic and created with a metallic frame. There are particular bridges for particular mouths and some are more comfortable and useful than others.