Cosmetic Consultation

Cosmetic Consultation and Evaluation w/ Digital Imaging

Visual inspections of teeth using a small mirror does not always provide the best view of teeth for cosmetic evaluations. Digital imaging devices allow your dentist to see every detail of your teeth to help them decide what cosmetic procedures would be best for you.

How Can Digital Imaging Help With Your Cosmetic Consultation and Evaluation?

Modern digital imaging devices can capture images of your entire bite, providing a complete map of your bone structure and teeth. These detailed images can be generated quickly and painlessly, meaning that your dentist can evaluate your smile to create a plan for your cosmetic procedure the same day the digital images are taken.

Applications of Digital Imaging for Consultations

  • Digital mapping can create a 3D image of your bite, which is commonly used to plan and create our custom Clear Correct tooth-straightening aligners.
  • Digital X-rays can help your dentist evaluate the relationship between your gums and teeth to help them decide the proper solution to change your gummy smile.
  • Helps your dentist evaluate small chips or cracks in your teeth to plan bonding or veneer applications.

Why Use Digital Imaging?

Modern digital imaging techniques allow your dentist to perform the most thorough evaluations of your teeth for cosmetic procedures. These images are saved to a computer, which improves the treatment planning process, and reduces the time you need to spend sitting in an inspection chair.