Dental Implants

CT Guided Virtual Implant Therapy With Nobel Guide & VIP From BioHorizons

The process of surgically installing dental implants has been improved over the years to provide the fantastic functionality that we have achieved in current times. New technological advances have taken dental implants to the next level, allowing dentists to plan and perform dental implant procedures in a precise manner to provide the perfect tooth replacement.

What are Nobel Guide & VIP From BioHorizons?

Virtual Implant Placement (VIP) Software – BioHorizons VIP Software is an advanced computer application which allows your dentist to precisely plan the placement of dental implants to create a template for drill placements.

Nobel Guide – The Nobel Guide is a custom molded template which is designed with 3D technology to be used as a template which is placed on the jaw to show where to drill and install dental implants to allow immediate loading.

Nobel BioCare | SanDentistry

What are the Advantages of Using these Technologies?

  • They lessen the possibility of surgical complications through careful planning and guided placement.
  • They help reduce trauma during the dental implant procedure.
  • They allow the procedure to be performed precisely and quickly, making first day loading of dental implants possible.

Talk to your dentist about any questions you may have about the Nobel Guide & Virtual Implant Placement software by BioHorizons.