Digital X-rays

In the past, diagnostic imaging for discovering cavities and other conditions required a complex process that would often require patients to remain in the office longer than is convenient. X-ray technology has come a long way from requiring traditional film and uncomfortable devices being placed in a patient’s mouth. San Dentistry has taken the next step toward improving the accuracy of x-ray screening by switching to a digital system.

How Digital X-Rays Work

Digital x-ray systems work through the combination of small, specialized sensors being comfortably placed inside of the mouth which records the information after a small burst of radiation is transmitted toward the device. The sensor then immediately sends the collected images to a computer where the x-ray can be viewed, edited for contrast, and analyzed for tooth decay. Digital radiography machines allow our staff to discover small cavities that would have remained unnoticed until they increased in size and severity in the past.

The Benefits Of Digital X-Rays

  • Comfortable sensors instead of large film containers.
  • Allow you and your dentist to see the image immediately, reducing patient waiting time for film development.
  • Quick contrast enhancement to improve accuracy during diagnosis.
  • Safer for patients because of significantly reduced radiation levels than traditional x-ray imaging.