Kodak 9000 Cone Beam Imaging Machine

The Kodak 9000 Cone Beam Machine is among the latest technological advances in 3D dental imaging that helps us give our patients the care and treatment they deserve. You can feel comfortable knowing that we are able to diagnose and create precise treatment plans for anything from root canals to dental implants.

What Cone Beam Imaging Does:

This advanced imaging device offers precise three-dimensional mapping for diagnostic analysis while improving every patients comfort during the process. This means that digital x-rays, CT scans, and panoramic full-mouth images can be obtained more quickly and safely than older machines were capable of.

Device Features:

  • Pulsed radiation bursts to reduce patient exposure time.
  • Quick & painless operation.
  • Precise 3D imaging with a focused field of view to allow detailed analysis.
  • Convenient placement allows patients to face the Cone Beam imaging machine without uncomfortable readjustment positions.
  • Adjustable height for every patient.

How Cone Beam Imaging Benefits Our Patients:

Patient safety and comfort is important to our team. The Kodak 9000 Cone Beam imaging machine helps benefit patients by:

  • Drastically reduces radiation exposure time.
  • Reduces the cost of imaging.
  • Enhances your dentist’s ability to create precise diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Improves each patient’s comfort by having a large range of height adjustments, and a stationary function.
  • Full scan within minutes.
  • The time of uncomfortable dental imaging techniques are in the past with the help of the Kodak 9000 Cone Beam imaging machine.