Laser Assisted Microscope

If you have been in the office recently you have seen that we have added an Operating Microscope to our practice. I have always used magnification when I have treated patients. We have most recently been using 5.o magnification. The Microscope allows me to use 20.0 magnification. It also allows me to be more stable and to have better posture while we are treating you. All of this will allow us to be better at what we do. We also have added video screens in the ceiling so that you too can see what we are doing if you like. If you would prefer not to see what we are doing then by all means tell us and we will turn it off. We have recently joined the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry. We look forward to helping you keep your mouth healthy for your lifetime!

For more information about the Dental Microscope used by Dr. Sanderson, view the press release.

Dr. Sanderson w/Dental Operating Microscope