Laser Dentistry

laser-thumbThe dental and medical fields are growing rapidly everyday with new technologies and advancements. In the field of dentistry today there is a growing use of lasers as effective options in procedures. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1990s, but today they are being used much more for many different procedures.

When is Laser Dentistry Used?


Lasers are being used in procedures that involve cavities more and more every day. Traditional drilling of the tooth for cavities is painful and uncomfortable, even if you are numbed by the dentist. Lasers offer a more powerful and less abrasive feeling to dental work, especially when it comes to drilling into teeth. Because there isn’t the physical vibration of a drill, lasers are much less jarring to patients.


Lasers in dentistry have many uses when dealing with procedures that involve your gums either entirely or in part. Lasers can be used to help remove tissue surrounding a partially erupted wisdom tooth, easing some discomfort. Lasers are also being used to help reshape gums when dental work is done. During some procedures the gum surrounding a tooth is not ideal and through the use of lasers can be made to be compatible with your teeth.

Other Dental Applications

Lasers in dentistry are very effective when used to help remove tissue in the mouth that may be infected or damaged. In instances like periodontal disease this may be seen and traditional methods of removing tissue may be much more lengthy and painful. Because lasers can harness the power of heat they can help seal off any incisions in the mouth. Preventing open wounds reduces healing time and prevents infection.