Laser Gum Recontouring

Some people may have perfectly aligned teeth but feel self conscious about their gum line. The gum line may be too low on the tooth surface creating an undesirable gummy smile which can be reshaped by gum recontouring. In the past, gum recontouring was a painful procedure which left patients with long healing times. New technology allows aesthetic gum recontouring to be done painlessly with the use of a laser.

How Does Aesthetic Laser Gum Recontouring Work?

Your dentist will use a soft tissue laser to remove undesired tissue to reshape your gums and give you the non-gummy smile you want.

Is Aesthetic Laser Gum Recontouring Painful?

Gum recontouring is painless with the use of a laser. Many people who have received laser treatments will say that the procedures simply feel like a slight warm sensation on the treated area. Dental lasers work through emitting a concentrated beam of light which is used in unison with a slight mist of water to eliminate the chance of burning. Anesthetic is not needed in most cases, but can be used at the patients request.

Does it Take a Long Time to Heal After Receiving Aesthetic Laser Gum Recontouring?

The laser used to reshape the tissue generally seals the wound immediately. There will be no need for stitches.

Talk to your dentist at SanDentistry about aesthetic laser gum recontouring if you feel self conscious about having a gummy smile.