Occlusal Equilibration

Adjusting the Biting Relationship

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain can be treated by a simple procedure called occlusal equilibration which offers relief for those who suffer from pain in the jaw.

What is Occlusal Equilibration?

Occlusal equilibration is a procedure where the biting relationship between your teeth is adjusted to allow your upper and lower teeth to rest together properly, allowing your jaw to rest comfortably, and eliminate unnecessary strain to the jaw muscles.

What is Done During an Occlusal Equilibration Procedure?

The process begins by your dentist examining the way your teeth fit together during a bite in comparison to a model of a set of teeth with a healthy biting relationship. Any teeth which show that they create an interference with the biting or resting positions of your jaw are evaluated to decide if an occlusal equilibration is the proper treatment method. Your dentist then gently grinds the resting surfaces of the teeth which are interfering with a proper resting position to create a good biting relationship. Problem teeth are essentially being reshaped in a gentle manner to reduce the jaw pain which is caused by an improper biting relationship.

Is Occlusal Equilibration Treatment Painful?

The treatment is painless because your teeth are gently reshaped with a finely grained polishing instrument.