Healthy smiles

Can brightening your smile affect your life? While appearance surely isn’t everything, when you are satisfied with the way you look it sparks a huge surge in your confidence. Confidence affects everything you do in your life and feeling good about yourself will help you perform better on a daily basis. Below are some ways that teeth whitening can brighten your confidence and life.


Studies show that the more you like your smile the more often you choose to show it and more likely you will take care of your oral health. Having a stunning, white smile also gives the impression that you take care of yourself and value your health. This can be very important if you have a job interview or network for your current job or duties.


We at SanDentistry want to help your smile get to the next level. There are unfortunately many ways your teeth can get stained or spotted. Liquids like red wine, coffee, and teas offer many delicious benefits, but are also proven to stain your teeth. Dental work like braces can also leave marks. Thankfully most of these stains are not permanent and we can help.


SanDentistry offers Laser Whitening which instantly brightens and is a very effective and trusted technique. Our teeth whitening treatments are very quick usually taking about an hour, and we can schedule them when is it the most convenient for you. There is a little downtime after a whitening treatment with most people experiencing minimal teeth and gum sensitivity. It is also good to avoid teeth staining liquids after a whitening treatment, as your teeth can be more susceptible to stains for a few days after a treatment.


SanDentistry is here to give you optimum oral health and help your smile be its healthiest and brightest. What better way to start the New Year than with a bright smile you want to share? Call today and let SanDentistry get your bright smile on its way!