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I truly enjoyed my dental experience from beginning to end. The staff was very friendly and personable. I was very satified with the treatment options I received considering my dental needs and goals.

Aisha W.

It is always a pleasure seeing Anja, Susan and Terri. Dr. Sanderson, you have an Awesome staff.

Angela H.

Everyone called me by my name and made me feel you were glad that I came.

Ann M.

I originally came in for a cleaning, but due to an issue i was having and conveyed to kerri, she quickly realized i would need to see dr. sanderson instead of having the cleaning. dr. sanderson was with an all-day patient, but graciously took time out to take of my issue. i just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to dr. sanderson and kerri for treating me with respect, concern and care…instead of just a number. this means the world to me!

April R.

I’ve had the same person clean my teeth for several times and I liked her very much. However, someone I had not seen before did my teeth yesterday. She did a good job and I liked her, too.

Barbara E.

This experience has been wonderful. Everyone is professional and helpful. Thank you all; Dr. Sanderson and his staff are changing lives with smiles.

Barbi F.

Everyone was wonderful. I feel truly blessed to have met you Dr. Sanderson. I’m greatful for you and your passion for what you do. You are changing lives. Thank You.

Barbi F.

Dr. Sanderson and his staff are always friendly, profession, and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Belinda I.

Anja is the sweetest person ever. I appreciate her so very much. I also appreciate the promptness in which my problem was addressed. It is always a pleasure to come to the office (except for the dental work, of course).

Belinda I.

It is GREAT to have you and your staff an my dental team.

Bill D.

Dr. Sanderson does great work and I believe he truly cares for the well-being of his patients. I actually look forward to going to the dentist and it’s always great getting to see Anja, Susan, Terri, and the rest of the team…they are great!

Brandon A.

Very much appreciated teh quick and helpful response to the chipped crown, especially since I had to catch a plane later in the day. Thank you!

Butch W.

Everyone at your office is wonderful. I love all you guys.

Carla W.

After a myriad of terrible experiences with dentists, I was badly traumatized. I had also stopped smiling years ago. I had a terrible crossbite and other problems that required extensive and complicated work, and I was really frightened. I consider finding Dr. Sanderson nothing short of divine intervention. You can’t imagine my amazement — and relief — at the total comfort and the lack of pain in which this work was performed. At no time did I feel discomfort in Dr. Sanderson’s capable hands. In addition to providing exceptional comfort, the use of cutting edge technology also enabled Dr. Sanderson to do large amounts of work at one time, and it took far fewer appointments than it might have elsewhere. Dr. Sanderson’s staff is phenomenal. They are caring professionals, and they make visits something I have come to look forward to. I consider them all my friends, and I would never think of going anywhere else for my dental care.

Carla W.

I would like to thank Dr. Sanderson and his entire staff for being so patient with me. I was having so much anxiety about having to see the dentist, but the moment I walked through the door all my anxiety were subdued because everyone was so kind and pleasant. Even though I had to have a root canal ,everything went great, You all are a wonderful group of people, especially Kelly. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Carolyn B.

Everyone made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much.

Cassandra W.

Everyone was extremely nice to me. The atmosphere is very comfortable and the service professional. 5 stars.

Cassandra W.

Completely satisfied as always.

Christian S.

My dentist and staff rocks!!! 🙂

Cynthia W.

My family has used Dr Sanderson for all of our dental needs for about 16 years now. I can honestly say that we have never received better care than what we get from Dr Sanderson and his staff. Dr Sanderson has consistently demonstrated high quality expectations in his work and that of his staff. He takes special care to ensure your treatment is as comfortable and pain free as possible under the circumstances. He routinely calls to check on you after your treatment to ensure you are doing as expected. I give Dr Sanderson and his staff the highest regard in quality treatment and patient care. Cy Harper

Cyrus W H.

the entire staff is wonderful, friendly and accommodating.

Dan Dr. W

work while you talk — or, maybe don’t talk quite so much.

Dana D.

i have several new caps. they seem to have varying surfaces. let you know more when i have had a chance to try them out.

David F.

there’s a lot to be said for drugs when it comes to the dental experience. too bad a chaffeur is required when they are used.

David F.

Dr.Sanderson I want to thank you and your staff for the great care you gave me. I was apprehencive of coming into your office because of past experiances in dentist offices. Your staff was kind and very caring of my emergency. You yourself was very professional when it came to your work. I am thankful to God and you for the care you provided me. Thank You Sincerly D. Thompson

David T.

I owe my smile to Dr. Sanderson and his friendly and very competent staff. Using Dr. Sanderson for the past twenty years has always given me a total sense of relief no matter if I am getting basic cleaning or a root canal……I know I have no worries it will be handled with his professional and expert care.

Dixie M.

I would like to reccommend Dr Sanderson to anyone that wants to have any kind of dental work done. He is the best dentist in the world in my opinion, and his staff is the best!! They are all very nice and have your best interest at heart. I can honestly say that you won’t regret leaving your dental care in their capable hands.

Donna H.

Other than Dr. Sanderson the most people I spent time with were Susan and Kelly. They both made me feel very at ease and I thank them for that. The entire staff that I met was very nice.

Donna H.

All of staff were terrific. Thank you very much.

Dr. John K

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate everything that you do for me.

Drew F.

No changes, excellent service!

Ella T.

EVERYONE was VERY professional. With my research background I could tell everyone including Dr. Sanderson) was up-to-date on latest technology, newest services and current research. Outstanding services and evaluation… THE most comprehensive examination I’ve ever had and explanation of my oral health situation. I really like that I was given options/choices and asked by Dr Sanderson what I wanted verses being told what to do without disregard for what I wanted concerning tooth extraction. I was given a thorough detailed view of my options and this was VERY attractive as a new client! Clearly the BEST!!!!

Ella T.

every one was so nice. It was like seeing old friends.I’m sure but i think her name was kelly if not one called the next day to check on me. All very sweet. The dr. always had a smile. thank you so much if i have any more trouble i will come there.

Glenda W.

Considering my previous fear of dentist this was one of the most pleasant visits i have ever had – the staff made me feel comfortable as if i were their relative- and that dr sanderson is a whoot- he has a great sense of humor – witty but wise- patient and pleasant- professional – although i chose the option of sedation – i love waking up everything is over and i feel great- oh yes this may help me reach my goal to a beautiful smile p.S. Dr sanderson- remember – church folks be afraid very afraid ( smile)

Ira C.

Wouldn’t mind seeing some Georgia Bulldog flags hung somewhere! No everyone was great.

John C.

As always, my visit was stellar! I heard good things about the 3D Machine. I would love to check it out next time….well….actually….it will probably be checking ME out!! HAA!!! Have a great weekend!

John Porter L.

Everyone in the office was extremely nice and very friendly. We couldn’t have asked for any better care.

John W.

Awesome dentist and staff.

John W.

You all are wonderful! Thank you so much for taking care of me and my family.

Kathy P.

As always, I had a great experience at your office. Your staff is excellent and I left not only knowing that I hadn’t been doing a bad job of taking care of my teeth, but how to improve it moving forward. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Kenny M.

Angie was a pleasure and makes my dental appointment a great experience everytime.

Kim Deavours J.

Everyone is always so nice. Anja is especially great since she is the one I have the most contact with. She is always upbeat & fun to talk with while she is “working” on me….

Linda B.

Everyone friendly & helpful. All went smoothly as usual!

Linda E.

Excellant job throughout the visit. Thanks!

Linda E.

I enjoy all the people who work in your office. They are caring, friendly, honest and I feel like they are my friends. It is also apparent that they like each other and the office has a pleasant environment.

Liz R.

Dr. Sanderson does excellent work and his expertise is greatly appreciated. The assistants that have work with me in the operatories are perfect and I adore them.

Lynn B.

I look forward to my visits, which, when visiting a dentist is quite a compliment. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes, and when I am called back I’m always greeted with a warm smile. I have been visiting Dr. Sanderson and his staff for over 7 years now, and have never been disappointed. My first visit my teeth were in such poor shape he had to take care of them a section at a time. Now they are so healthy I get complimented! -Melissa

Melissa Y.

As always, I love the team and family atmosphere. keep fighting to protect that. there is no better dental visit than Dr. Sanderson’s

Randy H.

I was pleased with the service.

Sandra A.

every one in the office was great they were very understanding and so nice i was so glad i had found them they made my vist great

Sarenia P.

everyone at the office is always so sweet and nice and so understanding including the dentist himself which is the most important thing,they could make the gas mask alittle more cofortable and lighting and maybe some glasses for the people they are working on but i still love going there they are so great i have told everyone i know to go there if they ever need a dentist that realy cares about the person more then anything thanks again you guys are so great i love you all and can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me thanks again:)

Sarenia P.

i would like to thank everyone you are all so nice and kind to me i have recamended everyone i know to go to this office for there dental work i cant thank you all enough for all you have done for me thanks so much

Sarenia P.

Susan was SUPER Lisa was Fantastic Kelly was Wonderful Terri was Terrific Anja was Awsome Dr. Sanderson was a little rough

Scott H.

I have to admit that I never liked going to the dentist office. In fact, I feared it. After several bad experiences with the dental world, I was ready to give up. Then, I met James. My husband and I became friends with him before we ever knew he was a dentist. He was warm, friendly and kind. So, we gave him a try. I have NEVER been more pleased with my dental care! Dr. Sanderson and his staff are professional, kind and caring. They go out of the way to make each patient feel at home and at ease! I would highly recommend James Sanderson and his staff to ANYONE! I have gone from someone who was willing to live with pain and agony to a satisfied dental customer!

Sheryl T.

It was like visiting my children!! I was so glad to see all of you. It is certainly different than going to a dentist where you feel like you are a number I love all of You.

Shirlene B.

I am so satisfied at the outcome of my treatment.. I love each and every one at the office . Each knowing how scared I was and took me thru each treatment that I received. First time in my life I can be confident with teeth that look good thanks to this dental office. thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help… God Bless you

Terrie S.

keep things the same all of you are awesome

Terrie S.

More targeted discussion when patient is being treated.

Tom L.

I obtain my dental care from Dr. James L. Sanderson and his team because they care about my overall health. This office gives the greatest sevice and highest quality in dental products. I had hurtful TMJ issues, and he resolved them. So if anyone is having TMJ issues, go see Dr. Sanderson and he will help you.

Veronica H.

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